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Mbira Magic
28 ratings

Support your mbira video archive from only $1/month and create employment for top Zimbabwean musicians.

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  • Take your mbira playing deeper with FULL mbira resource library access - includes dozens of Video/PDF mbira song packs, e-books, and multimedia courses - over $2000 worth of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ educational material updated every month! 🀩  
  • Extra community features - includes 1:1 video support, bonus content, instrument and mbira camp discounts, and more 🎁

What's inside your resource library?

Already more than a lifetime's worth of material, with new content added every month!

Mbira Books, Multimedia Courses, Masterclasses, and...

...dozens of Mbira Song Packs, each containing up to 30 cycles of Andy's popular 'Mbira Chord Tab'. These match up second-by-second with our hands-in-view videos meaning you can either learn alone, or play along 'in the moment' with your favourite mbira musicians. Loop video segments, pitch shift, and change the playback speed to match your tuning and ability. Song analysis is also included to help you deepen your improvisation and get each song and style in your hands.

What our subscribers say:

"I am blown away by the material, it’s so great! Started learning right away. Thank you so much!"

β€” Hendrik Brueck, Germany

"Mbira.Online is one of the best investments I've made in a long time. Thank you thank you thank you."

β€” Adam Johnson, BC

"The image and sound quality is quite amazing! Nicely done. Plenty to chew on!"

β€” Michael Swenson, US

"It’s as close as you can get to learning mbira other than actually being in Zimbabwe learning from true masters. Highly recommended!"

β€” Jim Pugliese, NY

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Learn from the masters how to play Bangidza, Bunza Mutupo, Chakwi, Chipembere, Chipembere Nhimutimu, Dande, Dangurangu, Guruswa, Mandarendare, Marenje, Mahororo, Mbavarira, Mukatiende, Mutamba, Nhemamusasa, Nhimutimu, Nyamamusango, Nyamaropa, Shumba, Tadzungaira, Taireva and more... New videos and intensive song packs every month!


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