🎁 Mbira Essentials

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🎁 Mbira Essentials

Mbira Magic
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Everything you wish you'd had when you first started playing mbira!


  • Mbira notes / Instrument layout 

  • Notation example - Traditional Zimbabwean song Nhemamusasa.

  • 'Colour-Me' mbira octaves for fun learning (pick your own colours - or use ours, they're quickly becoming a standard across sites like sympathetic- resonances.org and Wikipedia)

  • All 7 mbira chords - with advice about using Roots, Thirds and Fifths

  • All 7 Master Progressions - with guidance and easy-memorisation tips!

  • Blank Chord Tab (notation sheets) for writing down the songs you learn or create (4-beat and 6-beat chord versions).


Trusted Mbira Maker Pack - photos, prices and contact details for our trusted mbira makers.

ALERT: Jona Wazara is currently suspended from our 'trusted mbira maker' listings.

Play-Along Hosho Tracks - 'swoosh' and 'spicy' style from Nyamasvisva and family. Includes a clap on the beat (indicated under the score in many of my other resources) to help players orient themselves to this difficult pattern. Notice that the swoosh or double-stroke comes just after the beat. This is typical. Recordings are looped snippets from my 'Nyamasvisva family style hosho' videos on YouTube.

Sympathetic Resonances 'Quick-Start' Guide - I use SR to host online notation for some of my resources. This 'quick-start' helps users access that information and enjoy their first visits to this very useful website. Some of the many features include: the ability to switch between 'position' and 'pitch' notation with a couple of clicks, change start points, layer tracks, play-back in a variety of tunings, write and transpose songs.

Slow and Fast Hosho Tracks - Thanks to www.Mbira.Online subscriber Adam Johnson for producing these for our community. Contact him at www.bbsoundfactory.com for your audio production requirements.

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